Sunday, April 06, 2008

St. Louis Marathon - Get Fit Fête!

26.2 miles - that's a Marathon!

Two of Fête's fittest participated in today's Spirit of St. Louis Marathon. I was standing in the median in Soulard near the Brewery and all one could see was a "sea" of bodies. I was beginning to fear I overlooked our friends when I spotted the first, then the second -- and still running in their desired pace group.

Quiet as it is kept, TE was walking until he saw me with camera in hand. PH waved happily but was rather consumed with the Itunes. Woo --hooo! No small feat. I figured if they could run 13.1 miles, I could walk the ~2 miles down to cheer them on.
The Marathon itself is something to behold. I took a crack it once 2 years ago. (Walking of course.) It's no punk. I only did half of the half marathon....
But a Marathon is People, lots of people. Observing it near the race loop in Soulard (near AB Brewery) was great. I stood in the median and got to see the everyone pass by twice. The 2 leaders just zoomed by. There was this one older guy who had an awkward neck posture while running. But he floated, literally. He had absolutely no bounce or shock on this feet. Most runners were 30 and 40 somethings - from the look, but people of all ages, young and old were there. All shapes, too. There were 2 wheel chair runners and one woman running with her friend who had no arms or legs. Hell, I felt shame. If this woman with no arms or legs could run the marathon, all of us should commit to a more active and healthy life style this spring.
What's more is the aftermath. Thousands of people are passing by. Running. Jogging, Walking. Several stop to stretch out calves and hamstrings. You tell by the agony in many of their faces that their knees or hips or feet or shins are killing them Yet, they continue. There are refreshement stops along the way. And people are drinking and dropping cups and protein bar wrappers. There are piles of trash and the volunteer staff cleans it up as soon as all of the walkers have passed.

There are port-a-potties for them to use, so they have to step of the race to use it. Then they continue.

The best part is piles of descarded clothing...and good stuff too.

I even scored myself a pair of great gloves!

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