Sunday, November 15, 2009

Art St. Louis offers great entertainment and culture outings

When I first moved the St. Louis, I visited Washington Avenue one evening and discovered “Nightclub Mecca”. Evenings from Thursday through Sunday, I could find a dance club to cater to any of my dancing fancies – hip hop, R&B, Techno, House, Alternative, Dance, and there was even a great chill spot for sipping martinis. However, continue strolling down Wash Ave, past the America’s Center and you’ll discover a true cultural gem. At 555, Suite #150 you will find Art St. Louis Art Gallery. Continue reading >>.

Your hostess with local artist - Annie Bort in front of her photo featured in the current Exhibition at Art St. Louis
555 Washington Avenue, #150
Downtown St. Louis
Free general admission. Donations accepted and greatly appreciated.
Go directly to November 2009 Calendar and Winter 2009/2010 Calendar.

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