Thursday, March 26, 2009

Organization Spotlight: B. Free Paparazzi

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Do you love movies? Do you hate going alone? Well, I'd guess that Teddy Blackett feels similarly.

When he arrived to St. Louis from Chicago, he wanted to bring something fresh and new to the Mound City’s social scene. But instead of promoting nightclub parties, so cliché, he did something different yet obvious. He established a movie night group. B. Free Paparazzi is a pre-arranged movie release meet-up group for eager-to-socialize young urban professionals in St. Louis. In his own words, B. Free Paparazzi is Just a lil group who get together to go catch flick as they come out. Why go solo if you can do it big. We pick a movie, then a theatre, find out what the minimum is for a group rate and we try and see how many people we can get to the show.” After the show, people continue to hang out and socialize. How grand is that? B. Free has become a very popular social group – showing up en masse at various local movie houses. Teddy’s even been able to leverage the movie meet-up into something more – forums and evening soirees.

His very first venture was May 2008 when B. Free ‘went to the movies’ to see Iron Man starring Robert Downey, Jr. Since then, B. Free Paparazzi at the Movies to see Iron Man.B. Free has pre-sold tickets to some of the most anticipated movies such as The Love Guru, The Family That Preys, and Watchmen. This weekend B. Free goes to the movies to see an animated flick for children audiences, a first for the group, to DreamWorks Monsters vs. Aliens.

You can join Teddy and the rest of the B. Free crew this Saturday, March 28th at the AMC West Olive 16 Theater to see Monster vs Aliens. This is a family friendly outing so bring the whole gang. You can purchase adult and children tickets online now. Visit here for details. Look for the gentleman with the smiling face and camera in hand.

Visit the B. Free Paparazzi website to learn about more upcoming movie release events.

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