Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Classical Night at the Opera with Marlissa Hudson

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Who said classical music and opera were only for the certain audiences? Pish posh.
Tuesday, December 16, The Fête Society was treated to a wonderful exhibition of music and song presented by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra’s Community Partnership Program (SLSO-CP). The SLSO-CP presents nearly 300 free concerts each year throughout the city.

The string quartet, featuring Violinist Jooyeon Kong, Violinist Eva Kozma, Violist Jonathan Vinocour, and Cellist Sebastian Gingras were lovely. They accompanied the outstanding voice of our very own –Soprano Marlissa Hudson. Oh, how we wanted to get you out to see and hear them. Despite the weather and road conditions the house was packed – beautiful. The program included works from Wolf, Puccine, Respighi, and Verdi. It was an Italian Dream theme.

We also bumped into a local celebrity – Gilberto Pinela – of City TV’s Best of the STL Show. No doubt he recognized the talent of Miss Hudson as the best of the STL.

The Performers (L-R)
Joyeon Kong, Sebastian Gingras, Marlissa Hudson, Jonathan Vinocour, Eva Kozma
Marlissa Hudson & Gilberto Pinela
Miss Hudson with fans

Marlissa Hudson & Eva Kozma
Marlissa Hudson & Sebastian Gingras

Gilberto Pinela & Concert-goers

Danielle Lee & Jonathan Vinocour (He has a BS is Chemistry. Had to pay homage to my science people.)

The Piper Palm House (Isn't it lovely? They do Sunday Brunch, too.)

Let me admit I had no idea that symphony and opera performances were being presented to the masses in style at Tower Grove Park. Piper Palm House hosts the weekly Symphony Tuesday s at Tower Grove Park. It’s a perfect date. The performances are only one to one and half hours; and afterwards you get to mix and mingle with the performers and enjoy wine and cheese – for free – in this lovely building. It is filled with various palm trees from around the world, which is why it is called the Palm House. I’ll be posting these free concerts on the upcoming calendars. And for those of you who say that you’re not a fan of classical music, I say nonsense. Many of us have been exposed to great classical music most of lives – subversively. Did you watch Looney Tunes as a child? Then you know classical music. So be sure to come out one of these Tuesdays. And don't be afraid of opera either. There is always an explanation before the piece and sometimes a written translation of the words in the program. Hey, if you can stand Anime, then opera is a walk in the park.

There are a lot of great programs being presented by the St. Louis Arts community; so stay abreast. Marlissa Hudson’s is listed on the sidebar under Culture and Arts Links. Also read about all of the buzz she’s creating – She was featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (which has been syndicated across the nation) and a video interview on

See you out and about soon.

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