Monday, October 27, 2008

Connect With... is going to the Dogs - Another Good Deed (& Organization Spotlight)

Connect With... the organization that brought you a host of socializing and networking opportunities now gives you an opportunity to connect and serve - benefiting Stray Rescue.

Saturday, November 1, 2008
10:00am - 2:00pm
Stray Rescue new building
2320 Pine Street - Downtown
Saint Louis, MO

or RSVP on Facebook.

Connect With... a Purpose is a volunteer opportunity. We will be assisting Stray Rescue with renovations of its new downtown animal center located at 2320 Pine Street. This is a hands-on experience to move the building closer to accepting new strays.

Why you should help:

1. It's a quick and dirty way to help a great organization. It's a short period of time. You get to move around, meet great people, and that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

2. Stray Rescue is the best non-profit, no-kill, grass-roots, community-organizer animal advocate group ever. They recently won a grant to get the building but they still need lots of volunteers and money to meet their mission of helping poor animals and making St. Louis a safe and healthy place for every person and animal.

3. Stray Rescue rehabilitates stray dogs and cats until they find a forever home. It is a no-kill shelter. They take the hard cases including very sick and injured animals and those abandoned by home foreclosures, taken by animal authorities, and affected by natural disasters.

4. Even if you're not a big animal lover, do it for the greater good. Getting stray and feral animals off of the streets is just good public health and public safety. Your assistance to Stray Rescue helps to minimize your contact with these animals.

5. Immediately after the volunteer opportunity, Blu CitySpaces will host a BBQ at their location at 210 N. 17th Street downtown. How many chances do you get to hang-out and eat well for free these days? C'mon.
6. How can you say no to that cute face?

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