Monday, June 16, 2008

Organization Spotlight -- River City Professionals

I'm still not exactly sure how I discovered this organization. The best of my pieced together memory tells me that my friend DC forwarded an email about an upcoming event they were hosting and I've been linked in every since.

I attended my first River City Professionals, whew, was it back in 2005...or 2006...2005 it was. I attended the Happy Hour at the Missouri Botanical Garden and I was impressed. I RSVPed for the event and I had a pre-printed self-adhesive name tag waiting for me. WOW!!! I liked that. I met lots of people -- everyone was friendly.

So here is how RCP works.
1. Membership is FREE. You sign up with your email and you get a monthly notice about an upcoming happy hour.
2. The Happy Hours are always on the 3rd Tuesday of the month -- also free -- and the location changes each month
3. Each event features a spotlight on a special vent, organization, charity, or guest. So it's always fresh and novel.
4. People are friendly, especially Scott Lap the founder. Now, if you have no idea who Scott is, you're a wall flower. Scott is The Man About Town in St. Louis. And he's amazingly gracious and generous. Do you need to advertise an event or get the word out about something fabulous, fun, or worthy happening in St. Louis. Just let Scott know and he'll help you get the word out.
5. They host an extensive St. Louis Events calendar and a Blog about local happenings. I feign at being competition for them.

So, check out RCP and maybe I'll see you at an upcoming event. In fact the June RCP Happy Hour is tomorrow (June 17) at the ever-so-nice-but-doesn't-have-enough-exits Mandarin, with special guest Mr. Mike McMillan.

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