Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fete Retreat Poll

Alright, we're taking it to the countryside & getting out of town. This will be an all-city congress of Boughee-ness.

Add a comment to weigh in on the Fete Retreat.

Which place do you prefer?

1. Shady lane Cabins
2. Eminence Canoes, Cottages, & camps
3. Shawnee Creek Cottages
or recommend an alternative site.

Would you like to camp outside?

What activities are you most interested in doing?
camp fires, fishing, eating, cooking out, taking it easy, etc.

Finally, recommend a date or two.


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Valerie J. said...

I like both cabins except for the Shawnee ones. I would prefer the deluxe cabins with the kitchen in them. If it is going to be cold outside I would probably rather stay in by the fire place, eat, drink, and play games.

I think a good date would be 1-3 week of December.