Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Fête Society announces the adoption of its official name.

The Fête Society (also known as The Boughee Crew) announces the adoption of its official name.

Fête: (noun) an elaborate party, often outdoors; a celebration; (verb) to celebrate; to throw a party; to carouse; to extol; to make merry; to revel.

Society: (noun) a group broadly distinguished from other groups by mutual interests; an association of persons engaged in a common activity or interest.

Why this name?
The Fête Society is an association of friends and associates who share a common interest – having a good time – and engage in a variety of merry-making activities. We celebrate the change in seasons, the progression of life and the success of our friends; and we revel in the splendor of life, music, wine and spirits. Join us for Été Bourgeois, part deux.

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Darcella said...

What are our colors? I need to know so I can begin irrationally purchasing items that coincide with the color scheme. I would like to stop short of shiny sequenced baseball caps but all else is fair game.